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Devastation in Wyoming County | News

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Devastation in Wyoming County

Days after the flood we are still getting our first look at some areas that were devastated.

The community of Falls in Wyoming County is another area that sits right along the main branch of the Susquehanna River.

Monday Newswatch 16 got its first look at what is left after the river went over its banks last week.

The sights are shocking.

One after the other, almost too many to keep track of, homes, houses people lived in ripped off of their foundations and tossed into the middle of River Road in the community of Falls. Some of the properties even smashed into each other.

Down the road the board game Twister ended up wrapped around the street sign.

All of the damage wasn't from high winds, it was high water from the Susquehanna that came up too fast too soon, wrecking countless homes in its path.

The damage might look like something out of a movie, but it's all too real. You really get a sense that families lived in these places when you see household items scattered on the lawn, stuffed animals and children's shoes covered in mud.

We're getting a sense of who called some of these properties their homes.  People including Barbie Sala.

"You can see my living room. Then I got to show you my kitchen," Sala said.
On our way in she showed us her grandmother's 150-year-old dishes she managed to save along with a few other keepsakes. "My dad painted this. It was semi saved and here's a picture of my grandmother when she was 16 back in 1898."

Once inside were the shocking sights of wall to wall mud two stories high. All of it has left Sala in a fog as she put it, wondering what she will do next.

"I have no idea at my age. I can't go through this again. It's tough. It's really tough. It's heartbreaking. I'm all cried out. This has been my home forever," Sala added. "This is everything I have left. I guess the fact that I'm alive is good enough."


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